hii cutie pies~~ welcome to my channel, i make BKDK/BNHA content!! the characters aren't mine, i use them for entertainment purposes! credits to kohei horikoshi since they are his OCs! ★ (any sponsors are welcome!!) this channel contains: - boyxboy // girlxgirl - manga spoilers! - bakudeku, todobakudeku, tododeku, suggestive dekubowl? and more along the way!! if you aren't comfortable with any of that above then feel free to leave my page please, i dont tolerate homophobia/transphobia or anything along those lines. buuuut, if your still here then come and watch the channel grow more and more along our journey!! please like, subscribe and turn on the notifications!! check out my other social media platforms too! (they're linked hehe) have a good morning/evening/night!! dont forget to drink your water too! stay hydrated everyone!!!! ★ 🤍🤍🤍

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