Kegel exercise


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There are several benefits for a woman to exercise her vagina:
This will...
...make it easier for you to reach orgasm.
...make your orgasms stronger/better as the muscles you're exercising are the same as used during orgasm.
...make your vagina more sensitive(you'll feel more). When squeezing you'll feel your partner much better inside. It will simply heighten your sexual satisfaction.
...prevent prolapse and incontinence.
...make childbirth easier and your muscles will regain more quickly after the birth.
- For your boyfriend it will be a tremendous difference. You will get tighter. You can pull and squeeze your partner's penis.
- You don't have to be nervous the first time you make love with a new partner, wondering what he will think of you as a sexual partner. You'll have better sexual self-confidence. You'll know that your present/future boyfriend/husband/lover won't be disappointed.
- Men prefer women with a strong vagina (to many men it's more important that his lover has a strong vagina than having a perfect body). In some cultures women exercise their vaginal strength in order to help them keep their future/present husband.
- You can be proud of your vaginal strength(just like one can be proud of one's body).
- The woman will get more control in bed. Many women enjoy that and think it's fun.
Your vaginal muscles may be out of tone(loose/weak) beqause of:
* Neglect(you don't exercise)
* Pregnancies
* Age
* Overweight
Kegel exercises will increase your vaginal strength.
Alternative ways to Kegel exercise:
Don't use muscles of stomach,legs and rump
- Tighten a little -- count five.
Tighten a little more -- count five.
Tighten as hard as possible -- count five.
Relax in reverse steps, counting five at each step.
- Do the following exercises 3 times a day, every day.
They will only take a couple of minutes.
Exercise 1: contract your muscles during 3 seconds. Release. Repeat 10 times
Exercise 2: squeeze and release your muscles as rapidly as possible. Repeat 25 times.
Exercise 3: imagine you are trying to draw something into your vagina. Hold for 3 seconds.
Release. Repeat 10 times.
Exercise 4: imagine you are trying to eject something from your vagina. Hold for 3 seconds.
Release. Repeat 10 times.
Whenever wherever you do the Kegel exercise, noone can know that you're doing it
-The Basic Contraction: Begin the contraction movement from your anus, where the
'Kegel'-muscles begin. Then, contract forward, upward. Presumably, it will feel harder
to contract the higher up in your vagina you are trying, especially if you've given birth.
But it is these muscles that are the most favourable in stimulating the G-spot, so don't
neglect them. It may be easier to find the right muscles if you put a finger deep inside
or a dildo. Contract and hold for three to five seconds to begin with. Breathe out while
you're squeezing. Put a hand on your stomach to make sure that it is relaxed. Rest for
some seconds before repeating the contraction. Repeat 15-20 times. This exercise can
be done in any position you like, even standing. Try to slowly stand on your toes and
contract while 'rising'. Increase the time you are squeezing as you are getting stronger.
Have as a goal to be able to hold the contraction for ten seconds. Think of beginning
the contraction movement gently - you should try to squeeze strongly, not violently!
-The Fast Contraction: Squeeze and release with suitable speed. Increase the intervals
when you have become stronger and tighten/release as fast as you can and for as long as
you have the strength. Relax and repeat twenty times.
-The Pause-Contraction: Do Fast Contractions, but with a short pause between the
squeezes, as long as you have the strength. Rest and repeat five times.
The exercises will be most effective if you use the positions described below. After a
while you'll find which one that suits you the best, and with which rythm and strength
you are gonna exert them. Exercise in one position a day and change position the next
day. Ten minutes a day is enough. You can do the exercises both when you're alone
and during intercourse.
-The missionary: Lay on your back, with your legs bent and your knees apart and
drawn(curled) up towards your shoulders. Squeeze as mentioned (The Basic Contraction,
The Fast Contraction and The Pause Contraction). Examine if you can find a more
favourable variant, for example; putting a pillow under your buttocks - it might be easier
to exercise if your vagina comes up a little. Or put the soles of your feet on the bed with
the knees bent, and raise/lower your lower abdomen. Squeeze on the way up.
-From behind: Stand on all fours (on your knees and hands). Try with your knees apart
and together respectively. Try to lower your chest towards the bed so that your buttocks
raises, or try to lay on your stomach. Find out in which position it is easiest to squeeze.
-Ride a horse: Stand on your knees with your legs apart and squeeze. Raise while
squeezing, and lower yourself when relaxing, as if you really was riding.
-Squat: Sit on your heels with your feet apart: Raise and lower your lower abdomen,
squeeze when moving up."
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